Our Process

Our Process

Site Clearing

Site clearing includes digging out trees, stumps, clearing brush and other natural debris, as well as clearing away top soil to prepare for a new home or septic system.

Pre-grading & Excavation

Pre-grading is the process of lowering or raising the levels of land. This includes creating level grading for foundations and footings or slopes to meet certain specifications.





Backfilling is required for foundations and other areas that need filling to create even footing or gradual slopes to ensure stability. Backfill has to be compacted properly with a proper mixture of soil, rocks, and stones to prevent cracking.

Drainage Services

Drainage system for stormwater management can be designed as open water culverts or fully enclosed channels with cross drainage to prevent pooling and damage.



Property Land Clearing and Stump Removal

Land may have trees, stumps, rocks and other obstructions such as old foundations, that may prevent building process. Removal of such debris may also require debris hauled to landfill.




Trenching for water, sanitary and storm service installation as well as power and communication installation.

Site Alteration

Site alteration will alter existing grade of land by removal or addition of fill or top soil.


Pool Excavation

Work with pool installer to excavate for inground pools.


Tear down of structures such as homes, barns pools


Septic System Design and Installation

Septic systems are used for rural homes that do not have access to city wastage systems. Advanced Excavating is licensed to draw up the necessary design plans required for permits and is also licensed to install them.

For more information, visit our Septic System page