Septic Systems

Septic Systems

Septic Replacement

Some telltale signs that you need a septic system replacement are: a foul odor near the septic tank or drain field, standing water or mud in the drain field, and sewage backing up into the household drains. This can occur when your septic tank isn’t pumped enough or there is a break in one of the lines.

Purpose of a Septic System

This system is used for rural homes that do not have access to city wastage systems. Its purpose is to allow a safe disposal of wastewater away from the home in a simple and effective way compared to sending waste to a public wastewater treatment plant.

This allows homeowners to avoid the high cost of sewer lines and allow groundwater to be recharged onsite, making more clean water available for use. This also lessens the risk of raw sewage discharges from treatment plants and also aging sewer lines that can leak waste into the soil and contaminate the local groundwater. Septic systems treat the sewage naturally and allow water to seep into the ground, which keeps moisture on site to help plants grow and replenish the water supply.

Why hire a licensed designer and installer of septic systems?

When working with Advanced Excavating, a designer/installer qualified by the province of Ontario, you are essentially hiring a Project Manager to oversee the entire process including the full design and installation of your system; as well as the coordination of your onsite meetings and discussions. We will work with you to provide guidance and expertise to complete what needs to be done. This includes going through the approval process to obtain the necessary permits to start the work.

While keeping in mind Ontario’s specifications for septic systems including the importance of groundwater protection, regular maintenance, redirection of surface drainage, and ways to prevent compaction, you can rest assured that your septic system will be designed and installed properly by an insured company and that your system will pass when it comes time for your final property inspection.